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Another Thing on the List

Welcome to the new look and feel of “From the Desk of the Owner”, our original blog series that offers insight into our company, Instruction, other endeavors, and more. I hope this offers a better viewing pleasure for you as you journey through the new website.

Vent Session

Now, I know, I know, maybe the blog area should be solely about the firearm industry and provide specific information to you, the reader, about training, gun buying, what to do, and so on, but this area is where I can kind of let my hair down, and give you insight into all that goes into being an owner of the business. If you’ve made it this far, then get ready to hear, well ready, my venting session.

Being an entrepreneur is a very challenging task. There is so much that goes into it that one can overlook when wanting to turn an idea into a business. You have to have a plan, then you have to be able to do all of the administrative tasks of getting the business started, then you have to launch the business, and the list goes on. If you’re already in business for yourself, then you understand. Is it tough to do? Yes. Is it rewarding, You bet!

So, my vent is that now I have decided to add avenues such as TikTok and YouTube to the mix which is another task that must be fulfilled to provide insight into Run Your Gun Tactical ®. I never knew when I chose to do this I did not consider it would require an immense amount of effort, but one can ask, should it? At least, that’s what I ask myself. Should I focus on running the business without including the content portion of what I do? My answer tends to be, “Whatever you feel is best is what should be done”.

I believe you get out of anything that you put into it. That goes for your business, relationships, and even your passions in life. I’m glad I am afforded the privilege to service hundreds of individuals with firearms training and education. I’m glad that people take the time to like our social media posts and share their positive experiences with others.

New Content on the Way?

If you have not gathered by now, as much as this is an extra lift, I do find enjoyment in doing something new within the business. We do have our social media avenues [Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok]. Now, we are working on becoming more consistent with YouTube. You can watch our most recent video below. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe!

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