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Beyond the Range

Welcome to the new look and feel of “From the Desk of the Owner”, our original blog series that offers insight into our company, Instruction, other endeavors, and more. I hope this offers a better viewing pleasure for you as you journey through the new website.

Fitness is Required

Guess, what? No, go ahead and guess. Today, I started day 1… again! I decided to start my journey again to become a better version of myself physically. I attended my 1st spin class, and I must say that I was proud of myself for many reasons.

  1. I showed up. I could have found any reason why I could not make my way there, but I did not allow anything to stop me.
  2. I was able to spin the entire time. Now, did I keep up with the class? No, no I did not. I did; however, accept that it was my ride, and I was going to push through any pain or mental struggle that would try to set in.

The biggest thing for me is to; hopefully, show you all that training is more than just the range. We must accept the responsibility to train emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It’s our responsibility to get up and do the work, especially, if our job is to encourage others to choose us as the example.

What’s Next?

The next phase of mindset is to be realistic. What I’ve noticed in my life with fitness and the lives of others is that we develop nonrealistic goals that are not easy to attain. This prompts us to not even try to do anything that we “planned”. So, what’s the plan? The plan is to be intentional and influential. Be intentional with your daily routine to go to the gym, take a walk in the park, or even workout at home. Be influential by encouraging yourself to get up and get out. Stop waiting for people to speak life into you when you can very well do that yourself.

I want to encourage you to jump in head first but be prepared to reel back your initial efforts to face the music that you may or may not be ready for that 5 day workout week. That’s CRAZY if you’re just starting!

Coming soon, we will be offering best practices for workouts (in a gym or on a arrange)?

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