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Church Security Development and Training

Over the years places of worship and assemblies have seen an influx of issues involving the use of a firearm. Church Security Teams have increased, but there are steps to be considered to be on the right path to do it the right way.

Run Your Gun Tactical ® has been a part of the Church Security space for over 5 years. Under the leadership of Jaron Smith (Lead Instructor and Owner of RYGT), there have never been any instances where a firearm was used to dissolve a situation. The reason for this is due to amount of time shared with fellow team members as well as participating in activities and trainings to be “liquid” in movement.

Requirements (State of MS):

In 2016, the Mississippi Legislature passed the “Mississippi Church Protection Act.” This act was instituted to enable church personnel to establish a team of individuals and be able to carry a firearm when operating on the team. In order to be in compliant the following steps must be followed. If you would like to read the full statute as written by the state of MS, you can click here.

  • At a glance, the following steps or items must be obtained before being allowed, by law, to be on a Church Security Team
    • Each member must possess a firearms permit (MS Enhanced Carry Permit)…
    • Each member must be spread upon the minutes or otherwise noted in writing at the time of the member’s designation…
    • The member of the program who is claiming immunity under the provisions of this section must have met the requirements of this paragraph…

If you are interested in learning more about the program offered by RYGT, please feel free to follow the link here and submit your inquiry.