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Oct 29 2022


9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Intro to AR Carbine – Fundamentals and Tactics

The AR Carbine is a popular firearm for home defense, but are you truly familiar with the firearm to be able to use it in a defensive situation?

This course will help the novice/beginner to become confident in the firearm in the event an intruder enters the home with the intent to cause injury or bodily harm.

Course Gear Requirements:

Course Topics

  1. Universal Safety Rules and Range Rules
  2. Gear
  3. AR Zero
  4. Exercises
    1. Assemble/Disassemble of Firearm
    2. Effective Load and Reload
    3. Manipulate the Firearm [Low Ready/High Ready Position]
    4. Description of Range Course of Fire
  5. Range Commands
  6. Range Work
  7. Summary of Course
  8. What’s Next
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