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Aug 21 2021


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

MS Conceal Carry – Enhanced – Hybrid Course

Run Your Gun Tactical ® is now offering the MS Enhanced Course as a Hybrid Course. The full course is offered in one day. The first portion of the course will be a virtual class (TBA). The second portion of the course will be in person at the range (TBA after first portion).

The purpose of this option is to accommodate the students who would like to obtain the MS Enhanced Carry Permit, but wants to do it in the safest manner possible. This will assist with covering Covid guidelines as well to protect the instructor and the students from the spread of the virus. Masks will be enforced for the the second portion to help everyone to be comfortable.

The Mississippi Enhanced Carry Course is a course approved by the state of MS to qualify an individual for the MS Enhanced Carry Permit. The Enhanced Permit is the highest form of a concealed carry permit that can be issued within this state. The course is mandated to run for a duration of 8 hours.

In this course, each student will receive direct and clear instruction from an instructor certified through the NRA, National Rifle Association.

The course curriculum is as follows:

  1. Range Rules
  2. Anatomy of a Firearm and Safe Handling
  3. Proper Storage of a Firearm and Ammunition
  4. Fundamentals of Shooting
  5. Training and Tactics
    • Mental Training
    • Conditional Training
  6. Range Qualification
  7. MS Law Session (Guest Speaker)
  8. Typical Handgun Malfunctions
  9. Maintenance of a Handgun
  10. Questions

You will need a handgun, 30 rounds of ammunition, and Ear/Eye Protection.

If you do not have access to the above equipment, you are able to select a firearm rental and ear/eye protection for an additional cost when booking your seat for the course. Rental Fees are subject to change due to ammo market fluctuating.

Note from Instructor: “I do understand there are people who will attend this course that has their views regarding the state of society and the health concerns. My goal is to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe to attend for the duration of the course when we are in person. We will require everyone to wear a mask whether vaccinated or not. Let’s all be respectful and considerate because this pandemic has affected us all in various ways.”