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Run Your Gun Tactical ® – MS Enhanced Concealed Carry Course

The MS Enhanced Concealed Carry curriculum is a course approved by the state of MS to qualify an individual for the state’s “Instructor Certified” Permit.

The permit is recognized in over 30 + states for reciprocity.

The course is mandated to run for 8 hours for a mixture of classroom and a range of sessions. The course is considered basic, so it is structured with the beginner shooter in mind.

  • The course curriculum is as follows:
    • Lesson 1 (One Hour) – Safety and Accountability
    • Lesson 2 (One Hour) – Handgun Parts and Ammo
    • Lesson 3 (One Hour) – Marksmanship Fundamentals
    • Lesson 4 (One Hour) – Range Exercises
    • Lesson 5 (Two Hours) – Legal Considerations
    • Lesson 6 (One Hour) – More Training Opportunities
    • Discuss Paperwork, Closing Remarks, and Questions


  • Items Needed:
  1. Handgun (Semi-automatic or Revolver)
  2. Ammunition (30-50 Cartridges of Your Firearm’s Caliber) [No Re-manufactured or Steel-Core Ammunition]
  3. Ear and Eye Protection (Prescription eyeglasses suffice as protection, but you may or may not want to purchase eyewear to cover the eyeglasses)


If you do not have access to the above equipment, you can select a firearm rental and ear/eye protection for an additional cost when booking your seat for the course.

Rental Fees are subject to change due to the fluctuating ammo market.

Disclaimer: If the student must cancel at any point before the course, Run Your Gun Tactical ® is not subject to refund any money paid in advance. The company will schedule another date with the student to attend the course purchased. If after 3 attempts to reschedule with the student, the student will need to a pay $25.00 reseating fee to make up the course.

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Available Tickets: 15
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Aug 03 2024


9:00 am - 5:00 pm




Parker's Ranch
Jaron Smith


Jaron Smith
(769) 229-5257

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