From the Desk of the Owner – “2020 was Good but 2021 Will be Better!”

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BY Jaron Smith – Owner

“From the Desk of the Owner” will be a series of information and data compiled by the owner, Jaron Smith, to inform our clients, customers and onlookers of all the things taken place at Run Your Gun Tactical. The first entry will give some great updates of our courses/services and our company as a whole. Remember to contact us if you have any questions about you will read. Enjoy the content, and thank you!

“Happy New Year – or Should I not Say That?”

Happy New Year, right? I know, I know. Many people may be skeptical of saying Happy New Year; instead, they may want to say “JUMANJI” to end this crazy ride that we’ve been on. 2020 was very challenging for many individuals. I mean, people have lost family members due to the pandemic, people have lost their means of income, we have had to adopt to a new way of life by limiting our interaction with loved ones and other people, etc. It’s very tough having to change at the drop of a dime or at the call of a quarantine, honestly. Even though it has been that way for many people, it has not been the story of RYG Tactical. RYG Tactical was birthed during pandemic, and we have had many successes. We have been able to train over a hundred people in only 4 months of being available to the pubic. We have also secured our Class 07 FFL – follow the link to learn exactly what that means ( Lastly, we have begun marketing our products (Handgun Cleaning Mat and AR15 Firearms) to the public. That’s a lot!

2021 – Bigger and Better

Now that we have arrived to the year 2021, we are only going to go harder on offering quality service and products to our clients. Our goal is to teach Safety, Education, Equipment and Training to those who sign up for our courses and purchase our firearms. We look forward to reaching many people throughout the state of MS and across the country as we continue to connect other people within this industry. I’ve always been told that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and that’s what I desire to do as an owner, business partner, instructor, brother and friend. We will continue to bring more services and methods to interact with our comp[any and other companies as well. Be on the lookout for the next blog as I will introduce an initiative which we have partnered with to teach safety and basic principles and fundamentals of shooting to all people. As always, contact us on social media pages and our website to be in the know. You see the title – Bigger and Better is ahead for Run Your Gun Tactical.


We want to extend a warm thank you to all of our past and future clients and customers. This company cannot exist without you, so we thank you for your support in whatever capacity you give it! Be on the lookout for the next post.

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