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BY Jaron Smith – Owner

“From the Desk of the Owner” will be a series of information and data compiled by the owner, Jaron Smith, to inform our clients, customers and onlookers of all the things taken place at Run Your Gun Tactical. The first entry will give some great updates of our courses/services and our company as a whole. Remember to contact us if you have any questions about you will read. Enjoy the content, and thank you!

Jaron Smith (Chief Instructor) Training Content Manager

Wow, is all I can say. Today, NAAGA released their “Sharpshooter” January edition. Featured is your very own, Jaron Smith (Smitty). To have this honor and responsibility is mind boggling. Who knew that by simply asking the right people to assist with a project that it would lead to earning a position within the department? Certainly, not me. So, what am I responsible for? Well, I assist with the development of content for the training department. The content can and will be used in many ways from members to our instructors within the NAAGA organization. You may see some of our content on Social Media as well with the intent of educating any person willing to watch about the organization, proper training techniques, so on and so forth. We will also assist other members of the training department to develop new curriculum that will be utilized by the instructors of the NAAGA organization. Along with this news, I was alerted of some other great news as well.

Training Counselor status obtained

What in the world is a Training Counselor? I’m glad you asked. A training counselor has great responsibility within any training organization. NAAGA, NRA, and the USCCA offer this program to allow individuals the opportunity to become an instructor after meeting the necessary qualifications as outlined by the organization. The NAAGA training department has set a great standard of what should be done to obtain the status of becoming an instructor. If you are interested, please visit the website and learn what you need to do to make that happen. Now, the training counselor facilitates the process of any person vying to become an instructor over the course of so many days. Typically, it is a 2 to 3 day process. Why, so long? The reason for this is to allow the candidate to take the basic course for which ever certification they would like to instruct. Example: NAAGA offers a basic pistol course which teaches the, you guessed it. The basics. For any person who would like to become an instructor and teach the material that person must, first, take the basic course to gather understanding of what he or she would be teaching. It’s well worth the process, and it’s beneficial if you have individuals in your area who need and/or desire proper instruction.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to operate in any capacity for this organization. The goal is to continue to grow the department while upholding the set standards as outlined by our training director, Myloreal Anderson. Thank you to Myloreal Anderson and Akeithea Bost for their support and their camaraderie. Let’s get to work!

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