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Instructor Development

Are you seeking to become a firearms instructor or are you already an instructor? RYGT has reached heights in a short amount of time that has supported our efforts to offer “Top-Tier” training.

Instructor Jaron R. Smith (Smitty) currently serves are the Director of Training for the National African American Gun Association. He has years in the Church Security / Security Officer space, and he teaches classes regularly. Fun fact, before Instructor Smitty dove into the 2A Community in this capacity, he has been working the Food / Retail Service industry for over 15 years. He credits his ability to connect with people due to his skillset developed in the industry. He also works in the IT professional space which allows him to see the small details in all that he does.

RYGT offers an Instructor Development program that supports your efforts based on your goals and aspirations. If you are wanting to grow to new heights or if you would like to find the best resources to simply get started, then we have what you need.

Within our program, we have 2 avenues to get started.

NAAGA Instructor Program:

As the Director of Training, Instructor Smitty, oversees many Instructors, Training Counselors, and Regional Training Counselors across the country. He also, helps to establish various systems and programs to support the training regiment that compliments the requirements of each state.

Becoming an Instructor will allow you to gain access to the necessary course materials to facilitate a course. You will also gain access to various resources and discount codes.

If you are interested in becoming an Instructor, you can view our Course Calendar or you can contact us at

RYGT Instructor Development Program:

We understand the process of getting started as a Firearms Instructor. We know the challenges to locate a range, how to establish best business practices, etc. Our program helps you to line out a 1 year plan to begin the journey. Disclaimer, this is not a “cheap” drive. You will want to be sure you are prepared to invest time, money, and resources to do this the right way.

Within the program, we cover the following topics.

  • Brainstorming Session
  • Plan Layout
  • Available Resources
  • Gear and Equipment
  • Best Development Practices
  • and More…

Contact us today to get started. Upon contact, you will receive a link to purchase the package through our online store. The package cost is $200.00.