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National African-American Gun Association


I’ve always believed that change is inevitable but growth is a choice. We find ourselves journeying through life, but when change approaches us, we often seem to be “caught off guard”. What I mean by that is, do you not believe that you deserve the good and/or bad that come with your decisions? Do you not understand that your action should yield to a reaction as a result? I mean that’s science, right? I’m not sure, I’m a tech guy, oh and I like firearms.

Anyway, the changes that have taken place in the time that I have dedicated to firearms have been good, bad, and ugly, lol. I’ve been removed from partnerships and situations that were not conducive to the things that I knew I deserved. Yes, these changes have been tough because most have happened in a way that I would not have imagined. Some have happen naturally, and others have happened as a result of tough decisions made by others.

I know, I keep saying things without saying things, but I just wanted to know how long you would stay and actually read. Check out the next paragraph to see the biggest change.

Director of Training

Welp, there it is. I have accepted the position as the Director of Training for the National African American Gun Association. Whoooooo! Right? Yes, and no. Accepting this role was a bittersweet moment. I’m a big advocate for everything being done within reason and right timing, but in my brain it always appears in the way of someone actually handing you the baton and you continuing to run the race. That’s what you all call “Delulu” land. The reality is there was a baton there that I decided to pick up because of all that I had dedicated to the organization. There are many people who I have grown relationships with that I admire, and I believe in. Those same people deserve the opportunity to maximize their investment that was made when they traveled to obtain a certification through the organization. I mean, I did the same thing as well. I spent my hard earned money to be a part of this organization, and I want to be sure that investment does not go to waste.

What also played into this decision was the opportunity to add what I believe to be valuable to this program. So far, I’ve been able to start the process for state certifications. The Basic Pistol Curriculum has been accepted in Arkansas, Connecticut, Mississippi, Tennessee, and South Carolina, and it has been recognized to be in compliance for Wisconsin. I’ve also been able to establish a partnership with popular brands such as Sig Sauer and Staccato. Both happen to be 2 of my favorite brands, lol. There are opportunities for more partnerships and initiatives coming sooner than later.

So, what does this mean, you may ask? It means, it’s time to get to work. My biggest desire is to be able to provide a thread of life that my family will be proud of. Point, Blank, Period.

Run Your Gun Tactical® – Updates

Though I have received this new position, I am still hard at work for the brand that helped me to get started. For the month of October, we are taking a bit of a hiatus to plan for the remainder of 2023 + Q1 2024. We will try and squeeze in 5 more classes before the year is over with one of those being an AR course and another to be a Defensive Pistol course. Be on the lookout for those dates to be added to the website.

I hope that you consider to train with us, and I hope that we can leave a positive, lasting impression.

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