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Summer Range Day + Updates

Welcome to the new look and feel of “From the Desk of the Owner”, our original blog series that offers insight into our company, Instruction, other endeavors, and more. I hope this offers a better viewing pleasure for you as your journey through the new website.

Summer Range Day

This year, we made an intentional effort to schedule our dates ahead of time. This was done to provide our potential students and past students with the opportunity to plan accordingly. We, also, did this as a way to add additional classes or Range Days to support your training needs.

This summer, we are offering our Summer Range Day sessions. The sessions will be 1 hour blocks ranging from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Each block will have 5 slots. Our goal is to provide you with a safe space, minimal coaching, and just the opportunity to train while having someone there to watch your back.

There are 2 opportunities for you to join us. June 8th and July 13th (both days are Saturdays). Sign up now to secure your seat.


Coming soon, we are going to be working on the range. We hope to start development closer to the Springtime. The update will consist of adding defined lanes, a reinforced berm (to catch the bullets), and a covering. We look forward to adding barriers and barricades to support our efforts of “Fighting” pistol classes.

We are working toward providing a day for the youth. They will be able to come out and enjoy the horses, learn firearm safety (along with the parents), and take home some goodies. We want to create a space for the youth to know that life is worth living, so good decisions must be made; especially, when met with a firearm. We want to ensure they have some best practices as well if they are ever in a room or environment where someone may be handling a firearm in the most improper way.

I hope you all have been enjoying this 2024 year so far. I know that some of you may have gained experiences that have influenced your desire to carry a firearm, or even NOT carry a firearm. Let’s just hope that you choose Run Your Gun Tactical ® for your training needs.

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